We are going back to repetitions in Cazals!  28th Feb

Dearly beloved choristes

Yes!     Yes!    YES !

We are going back to repetitions!  
Next Monday! 19:00 28th February

This has surely left you in no doubt as to why I am writing to you!  We ARE restarting proper repetitions in the Salle de Fetes from next Monday (28th February) at 19.00h.  No more of this nasty Zoom business!  No more strange squeaky noises coming out of the computer! No more singing (or NOT singing) all alone.  No, from Monday onwards we can be HAPPY TOGETHER and Dream a little dream of how things used to be…..and will be again in the future.  Of course at the moment we still have to have some restrictions in place.  We will still socially distance the chairs.  We will still ask you to put your (hopefully triple jabbed) Pass Sanitaire in your choir book and check this at the door as well as keeping a register of who is present.  We will still ask you to wear a mask until you are sitting down and you may then remove it or keep it on…..whichever you are most comfortable with. And we will……and this is the best bit……be singing some really fun songs.  Why? Because we have an apero concert coming up on 2nd April at which we will have a list of really well known, easy, fun songs, in English, French and Dutch……and we are starting them on Monday.  We will ask the audience to sing along with us on at least 50% of this songs.  Drinks will be sold at amazingly competitive prices.  It promises to be a great evening and will certainly get the Chorale back in to the limelight!

So, I’m asking two things of you, dearly beloved choristes:

1. Come along on Monday and sing…..sing your hearts out.  We have made things as safe as we possibly can…..it’s as safe as going to the supermarket and we all do that don’t we? In fact safer….because all of us are vaccinated.  And singing together again will make you feel so good and that thing…..remember….ah yes….Sociable!  Those were the days my friend

2.  Put the word out to all (vaccinated) friends, neighbours, people in the street about the happy, fun concert at L’Ostal on 2nd April.  It’s free by the way…..that should bring them in……all they have to do is buy a couple of drinks and nibble on some (free!!) crisps. And sing with us.

Please, please me

I only want to be with you

Judi Harding