VR & tests

This is more about me that the tests,

You may be asking. What skill set does Terry have, to enable him to the Analysis and make the judgement call on whether we can do Online Virtual Rehearsals? The odds are better than 50.50 that it will be possible.

Worked for IBM as a mainframe Engineer, and project manager, for almost 20 years, looked the Met Office, 3 of the big 4 UK banks, Stock Exchange, FT Newspaper, Oil and Pharmaceutical companies etc.
In 1993 left IBM and became an Independent IT contactor, consultant and project manager. After a few months that actors call it « A Rest » I got a contract as communication engineer looking after the WH Smiths, TSB and Lloyds banks Networks, it was really boring stuff, but it paid the mortgage. I was then transferred over to project for Vodafone which was to build their Mobile Phone Network, plan the where the mobile phone masts ought to be located in the UK and get them installed and operational, fortunately my time IBM gave a range of skills, which made it difficult for contractors to hide behind bullshit.

I got headhunted in March 1995 to work setting up this thing we now call the internet where I worked with BT in the UK, Orange in France, AT&T in the USA to porject mange the upgrade paths and to provide the system and tools which would monitor the traffic loads on their networks 24×7. However, in IT all contacts come to an end, which takes me to Oct 1999 and Beechams (pharma) which soon became « Smith Kline Beecham » 2 years later they merged with Glaxo, to become Glaxo Smith Kline(GSK). My first contract there was just a 3 months contact to cover a manager on maternity leave, when she came back, they asked me to join the team looking after their global network.

Ten years after joining GSK I took redundancy and moved to France.

Oddly the one thing that stands out was watching the BBC on the big overhead monitors in the UK data centre on 9/11, sharing that experience with 50+ people, is something that I’ll never forget. That day changed the way GSK felt about how and when their executives travelled. So began a project to install web conferencing between the USA and the UK, eventually we rolled this out to 180 sites around the world.(& it cost a small fortune. But by all account it paid for itself in travel cost and expenses.)

I’ll let you decide for yourselves – on whether you think I have an appropriate skill set to do this analysis?


ps, And here comes the reminder – please can do a few tests.