To everyone from the Chorale de Cazals :

These are strange times. Who could have predicted this around this time last year? We were then, February 2020, already preparing for the June concert in Arsenic….

How different things have gone….    There has been no news from the Bureau for some time now – because we too are waiting for better times, because there is no news to report…  Nevertheless, we would like to inform you and try to keep in touch.

Hope you are healthy! We hear each other say – myself included – that we are lucky to live in this paradise: living in a ‘bubble’ with few people around us, lots of space and little danger of infection. Hopefully, you will not only be able to keep your bodies healthy, but also to continue to feel good mentally. This is not easy for many of us at this time: no possibility of seeing relatives in each person’s home country, much less social contact, no cosy dinners in restaurants, no singing gatherings!

These months are for me the least pleasant here: a lot of rain and also a lot of ‘dark days’. The other 9 or 10 months are fine – but we will just have to wait for the spring light, the primroses and hellebores, the emerging daffodils….

Do you also miss singing together? It would be wonderful if we could sing in four voices again (in May??)! As the bureau, we will of course try to make that happen as soon as we can! We will meet again as your board at the end of March to discuss what the possibilities will be by then.  Until then, it is and remains a great option to sing along on the familiar Monday evening (7pm) via Zoom. Not only to maintain your vocal condition, but also to make yourself feel good – singing usually does wonders, in that it can change your mood so positively. 

By the way, singing along is also a good preparation for the coming collective (outdoor) singing! Anke has done a good job in introducing and arranging new songs. Just to be sure, here is the link to join in every Monday evening:

I and we at the Bureau wish you strength to endure a little bit longer: better times ahead!