Thoughts on the repertoire of our concerts

My dear nightingales,

Thank you for a wonderful rehearsal yesterday! It felt strange and good
to meet up live again. And welcome to our new member Jan!

We have a lot of songs to sing for our 2 concerts – April and especially
June seem a long time away, but in fact time flies when you’re having
fun 🙂

I have already sent to you the Singalong list for 2 April. The
repertoire of this soirée has songs that we sing as a choir, so we will
practice those on the Mondays to come.
Also, we will rehearse for 11 June.

After yesterday’s rehearsal, I feel that we are making a completely new
start. Therefore, I would like to

1. take it easy

2. put no pressure on you as a choir

This means that I am taking out of the 11/6 repertoire some of the songs
arranged in three parts, and replace them for easier-to-study songs that
we already know.

I’m not establishing this 11/6 repertoire yet for reasons numbers 1. and
2. above! Just see how all this is going, where the songs are leading
us. And above all, have fun singing them!

Keep an eye on this space because I will be sending you the songs to
prepare for next Monday.

Thank you, and happy singing!