Thanks for helping.

I think we can develop a process / recipe for Anke to follow to run successful Virtual Rehearsals.

The first thing we need to establish is can we run online rehearsals with our rural Broadband connections, we could have 20 or 30 members online at the same time, and this may create a few issues for the Host Presenter (Anke).

Please can do a couple of speed test for me.
One on Friday and another on Monday

I will collate and analyse the results of your internet tests, and give you the results by next Wednesday.

Instruction: how to test your internet quality.

To get accurate speed results we need to do the tests with no other device or app using the internet connection.

  • Use the device you plan to use for the Virtual rehearsals
  • Make sure no other device is using the internet.
  • Make sure that all other apps are closed

Go to

  • Select the type of connection you have, probably DSL or (click MORE if you’re using a Phone.)
  • Run the test. (approx 1 minute)
  • Once the test has completed click the « Share » button a new screen opens and – click URL
  • Cut n paste the full code from the text box
    • Example «″
  • email to:
    • Subject /Title = Speed test (your village.)
      • I would write « Speed test Peyrilles »
    • Body: paste the full code copied from the url box
    • Add this code [category DSL] Include the square brackets
    • Send the email .
My DSL test 26th March

There is a New page for the testing info, which can be found in the main « Chorale info » menu Virtual Rehearsals

Thanks, Terry