Rehearsal Information for the 6th September

Dearly beloved chorale

Well this is it!  We really are going back! 

Now please read carefully because this is how we do it…….

When you arrive at the Salle de Fetes in Cazals at 18.45 you will be greeted by two smiling personnel seated at a table.  You can’t see that they are smiling because they will be masked…..but so hopefully will you!  If for any reason you have forgotten you mask there will be some on sale but at an exorbitant price ….so you will only forget yours once! Behind the masks they are Roj Harding and Annick Hennequin and they will ask to you to sanitise your hands (provided!) and then to show them your ‘Pass Sanitaire’ which you may have on your phone but we will ask you to also stick a paper copy on the inside of your choir folder. Roj and Annick will then take all names, email addresses and phone numbers. 
On display by them you will see the Chorale QR code which we would like to you to ‘scan with your tousanticovid app’ (if you don’t have smartphone or the touscovid app, we have an alternative solution in place) The QR code is used in the unfortunate occurrence of a positive test from someone in the chorale everyone else may be informed either by mobile or landline.  But this isn’t going to happen is it?!!

Please form an orderly queue. This is new to all of us & we have to check your original « Pass Sanitaire ».

la salle de féte

Chairs will have been set out for you by further hard working bureau members and Anke will tell you where basically to sit.  Please keep your mask on until everyone is seated but you may smile and wave your nicely sanitised hands at anyone you like.  Please do not at this stage move the chairs though.  We know this is going to take a while but be patient ….it will be worth your while….honestly!  Anke has worked hard on some excellent arrangements for us and just imagine the joy of all singing together once more!

At the end of the evening there will be drinks and nibbles served.  All masks on again please but this time you will be able to move the chairs into small groups, still not too close together.  Our bar people are Roj and Hanneke who have been in fairly close contact for several months and therefore have no problem working together but you will remain seated and will literally be served by members of the Conseil…..revel in this because once the pandemic is over so is the waiter service.  When you wish to leave please put away your own chair.

Are we happy or are we happy with this and all this for free at the moment.  The following week will be very similar but the week after that (September20th)  is the AGM….but that is another story!

Really looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Monday

Judi Harding