Real News from the President.

It has not escaped the notice of your devoted Bureau that things on the pandemic front in France are improving so it is a pleasure to be able to pass on some of the improvements to you…....YEAH!!….HUZZAH!

Looking well into the summer we are hoping to have a MUSICAL GARDEN PARTY on July 5th (write it in your diaries in ink) and plans are afoot already for an exciting venue… this space!! 

Obviously full details are not yet available…..because they are not yet organised…..but this will involve not only some eating, drinking and some music, but also a raffle with simply wonderful prizes and a book stall to enable you to get rid of all those books you read during lock-down and to buy lots more at amazingly cheap prices. 

All of these exciting things are a fund-raising effort for your chorale and as such we would beg, plead and even demand your support!  And even ‘help to organise’ as more details become clear.

Now, the musical bit. 

Anke and the Zoomies have been singing away for months now and have a considerable repertoire…..although they have never sung together.  but the lock-down rules are about to change and as from 19th May we can sing in groups of 10. (9 + Anke) It is therefore proposed to hold 3 mini-repetitions in voices as follows:

  • May 24th   Tenors and men in Judi’s garden or ‘spare house’ if it is raining in Salviac
  • May 31st  Sopranos in Pam Cumming’s garden in Cazals…..or Judi’s house if it is raining
  • June 7th  Alto’s in Judi’s garden again (surely it won’t still be raining !!)

All three repetitions will start a 17.30h

Maps and directions will be provided for each repetition

It is not too late for non-Zoomies to join in and we really hope some of you will…..but numbers are limited as we cannot at this stage exceed 10 persons.  If you would like to be part of this wonderful occasion …..and who wouldn’t….please make your intention known to Judi on 05 65 32 66 10 who will tell you if there is room for you and how to get to your location. 

After July 7th it is hoped we can get together in a larger group BUT we are going to ask for a ‘pass sanitaire’ or a negative Covid test.….as will many events taking place in the coming months.  I am sure many of you have already been vaccinated or are about to be and this will ensure the safety of not only yourselves but those around you …..which means events such as this CAN take place . (End of Sermon)

It will be so nice to get back to that feeling of a unified choir again…..we’ve all missed it so much, and with your help and support it really is just over the horizon, waiting for us….all,  Don’t let us down…..please!

Judi Harding


Toutes nos excuses, la version française sera publiée cette semaine. Nous avons estimé qu’il était important de commencer à diffuser cette bonne nouvelle dès que possible.