Payment : Nov 2020

Dear members.

Hope you are all keeping safe and looking forward to singing together once again.
However, I would like to ask a great favour of you.

I personally do not want to handle cheques and visit the bank to deposit them. As I see this as a high risk activity and significantly raises my chances of being infected by Covid 19.

There are two options that I would like you to consider, both of which have zero risk.

Option One (which is my preference as you’ll automatically get a receipt.)
Pay online Via HelloAsso Click here or view the main menu.
You can use any bank debit card or credit card, it takes approximately 30 seconds, the money will be automatically deposited into the Associations Bank Account within a few days,

Support for the Chorale : I have added a Donation option to the HelloAsso form.
So please send the Link to your friends and neighbours as every euro will help.
You may even want to add a donation yourself. Half-yearly fees in 2019 were 75