Our new season : A message from our President.

Dearly beloved Chorale de Cazals.

I can barely contain my excitement as I tell you that we now have the go-ahead to return to repetitions on 6th September 2021 in the Salle de Fetes at Cazals.  This has not come to pass without considerable time and effort on the part of members of your Bureau and of course with the pandemic far from over it comes with certain restrictions.

Firstly, and most importantly, I’m afraid no-one may enrol in the next season of the chorale unless they have a Pass Sanitaire which will be checked against an ID card…..regularly. You should always have these with you.

Secondly, hand sanitiser will be available on entrance and we recommend strongly that you use it…..just like entering any shop.

Masks should be worn until you are seated, again just like in bars and restaurants now.Chairs will be set out for you socially distanced and we ask that you don’t move them to be nearer to anyone.

Lastly, no matter how pleased you are to see all your dear chorale chums, you may not hug and kiss them (unless you are married to them !)  You may give them your best smile!

She has not mentioned fees I hear you cry!  Well the good news is that September is going to be free!   Yes free! After that we will ask for remunerations but there is a choice of payment methods and this will be explained to you by our wonderfully capable Treasurer who has kept us afloat throughout the last 18 months.  It will not cost you a fortune but will reflect the fact that the coffers are ‘low’.

So everyone, dates for your diary.

  • 6th September.  Portes Ouvertes and start of repetitions. 19.00-20.30h  Drinks and nibbles after
  • 13th & 27th September both are normal rehearsals 19:00-20:20
  • 20th September AGM. 19.00h We have not had one for two years so please try to come. Anke will be in the Netherlands so no singing that night.

And thats it!  My fingers are firmly crossed that this will go ahead…..which accounts for the spelling mistakes!

Optimism rules!

Judi Harding