New Beginnings – Part 2

What doees your subscription look like?

  • You will be able to watch videos that are like real life rehearsals
  • You will be overcoming any unease about singing in your own space
  • Like in any rehearsal, keep your sheet music and a pencil handy
  • You will receive in-depth videos dealing with the background and the interpretation of the song
  • You will receive videos with vocal exercises to keep you in shape
  • And, last but not least: be courageous. We need to continue. We can be happily singing our hearts out, but it is YOU that has to plug in and do it. And… you are not alone!
  • Then, you will get used to the new situation the more you use the videos and sing along.

Because: like the title of this letter already suggests, we have to look at what we CAN do, we have to look at the things that ARE possible.

Courage! Tr