Music and Account access (update)

4, Changes and 2 reported problems.

  • From the 20th March 2023 – only members with a user account will be able to download the music files
  • 20th March All of the share links to the Chorales music were removed.
    If you have bookmarked these links they will no longer work.
  • Anke – will not add BOX share links in her weekly articles
    Note; If you search in the blog archives for articles with the « BOX links »,
    You’ll have articles listed, however, the BOX links will no longer work.
    You can test out for yourself by clicking on this article..

  • There have been two issues reported – both have been resolved
    • 3 members report being unable to down « Das Paradies pdf »
      FIX – changed the file permissions to allow members to download the files
      I had left the access to « admins only » (Sorry.)
    • Lost Password recovery Thanks goes to Hanneka
      Note : this would have affected all members.
      Issue was the email text with the « temp password » was not displaying correctly
      extra characters were being added before and after the « password »
      FIX – edited the code that generates the « password »
      I also upgrade the code so that the « temp password » is even more secure.
      + I have informed the developers of the error in their code and of the enhancement…
    • LOST Passwords (New How To)
      Added a page (FR and another in EN ) to the main menu under (access ) with instructions on how to get your password reset and how to change your password which will come in, handy if you don’t want to keep the « temp password.
    • Rgds Terry