Membership fees (EN Draft)

Association year runs from : 1st September to 31st August

Membership fee to join the Association is 10 € per annum.
This covers the cost of our Liability Assurance.and banking fees

Membership form (PDF) can be downloaded here :

This is standard fee for all members chorister and non choristers, however if you join the association in March or later the membership fee will be reduced to 5 €

Payment methods

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • HelloAsso (debit or credit card) (links to be added)
  • Debit or Credit card (links to be added)
  • RiB ( by special arrangement.)

Payment options

  • The association membership fees are due in September or on the date you join the Association..
  • Chorister fees (The choir fees change each year)
    • 100% + 10 € in September. (Cash or Cheque)
    • Via two post dated cheques, 1st October (50% +10€) and (50%) on the 1st February
  • Via HelloAsso (two options ) (links to be added)
    • 100% + 10 € (TO DO)
    • or 10% + 1 € per month over 10 months (TO DO)
  • Via your Credit card (options)
    • 100% +10€ (links to be added) (TO DO)
    • I can create a 10 monthly payments (TO DO)
  • Contact The treasure if you wish to pay direct via bank transfer (RIB)
    • While this is an option, We would prefer that you use one of the other payment methods;
    • Please Note : We need to add on a 10 € fee.due to the cover the extra administration and additional bank charges,