Letter from Judi

Dearly Beloved Choristes

Back from a sun-drenched sojourn in Portugal with my much loved family dodging Covid restrictions from 5 countries, I am dismayed to find that participation in Zoom rehearsals has sunk to a distressingly low level. Something HAS to be done before our chorale disappears altogether and, never fear, your Bureau are just the people to do that! Huzzah I hear you cry, Huzzah for them, we are saved!

Yes, you are saved…..but you have to play your part too or we WILL go under.  Your Bureau is meeting on 22nd February to discuss the restart of face-to-face repetitions as from 28th February. I promise you these will be as safe as we can possibly make them and in fact many choirs and organisations have already resumed and are coping well under carefully managed conditions.  Your Minister for Health, Roger Harding, and the indefatiguable Egbert Brunnekreef have already nailed their starting blocks in and are fully abreast of current rules and regulations. It’s time to get out there guys……

Why?  Because we have at least two, and possibly a third, concert booked in the coming months and with the current level of participation in repetitions the standard of these concerts will fall far short of the high standard we have built up to previously.  So will the number of participants. We can and we will ……and most of all we MUST achieve. So summon up your self-pride, clear your throat and watch this space for when and where you can be a’ joiner-inner’

Sent with affection…..and hope

Judi Harding