It’s the real thing!!

At last my dear choristers we have real news for you about a real event which you can really attend.  Nothing virtual about this I can assure you……Read on…..excitedly!

The Musical Garden Party will take place on Thursday July 8th
in the garden of Mimi and JD Prevot in Cazals. 

Yes I know I said the 5th July but for various complex organisational reasons the 8th July has proved to be better.  May I URGE you to come…..your chorale NEEDS you and I suspect you need your chorale after this hugely long absence from musical participation.  Here is what you need to know:

1. You, your partner/family/ close friends, can arrive at the garden any time from 4 pm onwards bringing with you your own table, chairs, couverts and some food and drink items…..which will be shared unless you feel more comfortable keeping to your own things……we understand very well that some of you might.  There is ample parking in the field below the house and ample room to set up your own little ‘camp’ when you get there.  At around 5pm the Zoomies.….who have worked very hard for months…..will entertain you with a selection of their vast repertoire.  And then it’s time to eat, sit back and enjoy the balmy evening……what is not to enjoy!  If you don’t know where Mimi and JD live ask any Bureau member… fact ask nearly any choir member…..we have had some excellent events there in the past.

2.  JD has recently been very ill and we are incredibly grateful to the Prevot family for letting us use their garden under these circumstances.  We would hope that the vast majority of you have been vaccinated but would nontheless ask that you maintain social distances and wear masks when moving around a lot….particularly around food tables.  Hand sanitisers will be provided for your use as well.

3. The real fund raiser of this event…….and mes amis, we NEED some real funds… a raffle.  Five wonderful prizes are to be won but in fact we will ALL be winners by swelling the chorale funds.  Raffle tickets are available NOW on the association website in return for your purchase you will receive a list of numbers… can either sell them on to friends or just hang on to them yourself but we are hoping to sell at least 500 tickets.
Tickets are priced at 2.50 Euros each, 3 for 7 Euros or 5 for 10.50 Euros….what a bargain! 
At around 7pm the numbers will be called and the happy prizewinners will be able to collect their prizes

4. A further fundraiser that day is a bookstall. 
Here you can get rid of all those books hanging around that you have read and even re-read during lock-downs and buy some more modestly priced at 1 Euro each….how can you resist such a bargain.  When you have paid so little it matters not that you drop it in the pool or it turns yellow in the sun, does it?

Please, please, please support us in this event which is the last thing before the summer break.  We hope to return to real choir repetitions on Monday 6th September…..but that’s another story!

Very best wishes to all of you and see you……soon

Judi Harding