How to : Recover Lost Password + Change your own password

the whole process can be done in less than 2 minutes.
It will probably take you longer to read this than to actually doING it.
  1. Go to login form
  2. Click lost password
  3. New pop-up window opens
  4. enter your full email address
  5. a message appears  » to check your email inbox »
  6. Inside this email you will be given
    your user name and a new secure password
  7. Go back to the login form
    • enter either the user name or full email address
    • Paste in the « secure password »
    • this will log you in to your account

You can keep using the secure password for as long as you like..
The password is highly secure, unique and it can never be issued again.
(basically : the date and time in milliseconds is used to generate the password..)

Howto : Change your own account password

  • Main menu : click « Profile (Membres) »
    • Update the password (twice)
      8- 10 characters , at least 1 upper case letter and 1 number
    • NOTE : when you hit enter (save)
      for security reasons you are automatically logged out.

You can now Login with your own password.

Method 2 : (where you are not logged out)

  • Top Right of the website –
  • click your name to get this drop-down menu
  • Click « Modify your profile »
    (WordPress user profile page opens.)
  • Scroll down to « Nouveau mot de passe »
  • click définir le nouveau mot de passe
  • Box expands (with a very strong password) you do not have use this.
  • You can then enter a « Stong password »
  • Scroll down and « save the changes »
    click « Mettre à jour le profil »