How to activate your account

Membership signup workflow is as follows

  • Fill in the registration form
    • remember you user name and password
  • you will receive and email with an « Activation token »
    • Check your Inbox and spam folder
      Note: The activation token will expire after 2 hours,


  1. I lost or cannot find the activation email
  2. I did not receive the activation email
  3. you clicked on the token after more then 2 hours and get a message
    this message may be in French or English
  • You can have a new « Activation Token » emailed, without contacting the administrator, ‘
    1. Basically, Your account was registered, it’s just in an « inactive status »
    2. Fill out the form below with your user name and password
      ‘(note : it’s exactly the same form that all members use to logon)
    3. If you account has not been activated,
      An option will appear under the lost password link (see image below)
      Click on the link in the message,
    4. Check your email inbox or spam folder
    5. Click on the new activation token link in the email, this will expire after 2 hours.
    6. You will be send an email notification that your account is now fully active.
  • You can now log in.

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