Hello dear Members

Judi, 28th March 2023

So many things to talk to you about!  Such busy, interesting lives we have……aren’t we lucky……seriously, I mean it.  We could be just sitting at home between visits to foodbanks binge watching on Netflicks and wearing coats in the house to keep warm……….but we’re NOT. We have a full chorale life to look forward to…..and here’s what it involves:

1. We are putting up our rehearsal times to 2 hours starting next week, 3rd April.  The nights are now lighter so driving in the dark is no longer such an ordeal for many. There has been MUCH discussion with the bureau, with Anke and with various chorale members how this will work……but initially this is it:

………..18.30h  Full chorale repetition
………..20.00h Ladies (except tenors) may depart.  Men and tenors remain for another half an hour.

The next time we do this it will be men who may depart and altos and sopranos remain. 
However, the week after this new arrangement is Easter Monday, so we will take the opportunity to have aperos……including mini eggs !!……and discuss properly the new arrangements.  I told you that you have a full and interesting life and I am fully aware that this arrangement could be difficult for some travel arrangements…..but let’s give it a go and thrash it out over wine and chocolate!

2. Anke would also like to have an all day rehearsal and the suggested date is Sunday, May 14th.  We will start at 10.00h approx, break for lunch which can be shared and start again at 14.00h, probably until 15.30h when we bid farewell to an exhausted Anke.  This is by no means obligatory but I think it could be fun as well as rewarding…..and sociable.

3. Eight days later another event!  We have been asked to sing at EHPAD in Salviac, which is a Monday.  We will sing at 15.30h for about an hour and after that how nice would it be to go down to the lake at Cazals for a cup of tea/coffee and a piece of cake until it is time to go and sing at 18.30h in the Salle des Fetes.  Bring your own tea/coffee but I will bring one of my world renowned long cakes (see Anke’s birthday cake) to share out

4. There’s more I hear you cry!! Yes, looking well ahead we have concert booked on October 1st jointly with the Chorale de Salviac possibly at L’Ostal in Lavercantiere!  Yes really!  I don’t yet know the programme…..that’s not my ‘department’ but it’s likely to be exciting…..so get excited in readiness.

I expect by now you are sitting down in a state of shock.  Relax!  It will all be GREAT and we are counting on all of you to make it so.

See you all next Monday……..at 18.30h

Very best wishes…..and then a few more.

Judi Harding