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    1. I the used Chrome (& not logged in) yes the process is different than when logged in, over when not. if you are not logged in (any browser firefox safari or chrome) when you « left click » you get a visual of the pdf. which is good, as then you know you have the right pdf but you’re correct you cannot download or print if off.

      Solution : go back into the folder and open the list of files – at end of each file (line) you will see an icon with « three dots »

      if you RIGHT click, you get the option to download.


  1. Sorry to all members of the chorale – I had attempted to stop hacker accessing the repertoire pages, but managed to block regular members from viewing it.
    As an Admin i could view the page – in future i will ensure every thing works as regular user/member of the chorale, Apologies , Terry

  2. False uptime stats were being created.
    I needed to update the firewall rules,to prevent the Uptime and cron testing services from being blocked.
    reset the stats on the services – 6 AUG @ 16:35

  3. Chorale BLOG modification, By default the newest Post on the blog page would be displayed top left and move right and then move to the next row and so on then down the page.Anne thought the Chorale Blog page was not current and up-to date, as see felt it would be better for older posts to be removed. However as the Newsletters are Archived, if the articles were deleted, there would no value in maintaining an Archive of the Newsletters. As the concept of the Newsletter Archive is to allow members to find a old Article from Anke, a emails can and do get lost. The Newsletter archive allow everyone to find when or if an update to the repertoire was published.
    I have created a new page « Blog Archive ». How this works is once an item has passed its usefulness on the Chorale Blog page – it will be relocated over to to the Blog Archive Page. This enables he links for Posts which are sent in newsletters, will still continue to work after the posts are moved to the blog archive page. The Newsletter archive page will not need any modification.

  4. Anne, did not understand what the image was for on the Chorale Repertoire posts, which was Anke’s idenicon, to be fair I knew that, but did and would anyone else? probably not/ To remove this confusion I created a new icon / Image which has 4 doc’s (cleff and mp3) – to make it clearer & indicate a post has documents and audio files.

  5. On the site the starting times are incorrect. Pique nique for wxample starts at 7.00. The concert starting time is incorrect. I don’t know who reads the site but it can be confusing.

    Grtz. Liesbeth

  6. Simplified access for Newsletter content…. you can now click on an article within the newsletter and view them online, it is no longer mandatory to login on.

  7. Changed newsletter name – removed edition # the date ought to be enough in the Archive page. – Plus if the newsletter was ever replaced – I don’t have to worry about edition number being consecutive.
    ++++ The email contact was  » L’

  8. « Resolved » Annie – spotted a typo on the front page of the LES AMIS website. I had missed the hat off : now reads Salle des f

  9. To help resolve the problem of members attempting to logon to the LES AMIS site.
    I have added two link to the Les AMIS website Menu under Connexion : LOGIN this now consists of 3 items Bureau : Se connecter + Membres de la chorale : Se connecter Membres + Members of the Choir : Login. If you click on either of the two new links these take you directly to the Members website ( https://www.la.choraledecazals.fr).

  10. Test Pilots – Upgraded Role to Author, this allows you to upload media files and to publish articles. (Use the Category : website-testing ( if you need think it’s appropriate also use the Category : TODO&issues list)

  11. Following Ralphs and Annies comments. I re- designed the workflow for New User Registrations. The « Chorale Info menu » now has links to an FR and an EN Article – both have the relevant steps + added text that i hope makes it much clearer that full access is nor automatically issued to new User accounts. Need JD to proof read my french.

  12. Solution found for Audio layout..- I tested 6 different players.. choosing Jplayer..
    I have customised the colours of the player to match the sites theme..
    This player has one really useful feature. There is a download link built into the player.
    The this will make the creation of each song faster and simpler.
    How does it save time? It’s not necessary to add in separate download links for each MP3, it takes approximately 10 minutes to add the links and audio files per song.
    FYI: The default media player does not have a download feature, which meant that separate download links for each Audio file had to be added in manually, a member could ten download/save an audio file.

  13. One thing i’m not happy on single Post(article) is the Audio Jukebox playlist, this has a a lot of white space above the first MP3.
    Just looks wrong.(to me). I had created the post and used the built-in audio player system.
    I’m 99% sure this is a CSS conflict with the theme.
    option 1, ,fix the CSS = not that easy
    option 2 , use a plugin that over-rides the layout issues with the single posts.

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