Extremely beloved choristes

It was so, so lovely to see so many of you on Thursday in Mimi and JD’s lovely garden.It was even more lovely to hear that so many of you are planning to come back and sing when the Chorale de Cazals reopens, hopefully in September. And it was personally lovely for we Zoomies to have a chance to sing to you a selection of the songs we have been working on mostly alone for several months……we are all basically show-offs at heart and you certainly allowed us to be just that! For me myself, it was great to know that you actually DO read these letters which I send out into the ether…..otherwise you wouldn’t have been there!  So keep on reading them…..your hard working Bureau has another reunion in a couple of weeks to discuss the all important ‘rentree’ and we promise to report back to you as soon as we can.  Until then, sing in the shower, sing in the garden, sing against the vacuum cleaner and YOU will be ready!

Stay safe, stay well, stay singing

Judi Harding