Exciting news for your diaries!

If you are of a nervous disposition you had better sit down now before reading on because this letter contains some very exciting information that your Bureau have put together especially for you!
Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin:

Christmas concert. This is on 12th December at 18.00h in the church at Cazals. We are asking everyone to wear noire festive’…..sparkly or just plain smart black with a touch of red and this should show off our new smart red Christmas folders… …already most people have got them for repetitions and they look great.

Arc-en-Ciel. The care home in Cazals would love us to go and sing a reduced programme at 15.00h on 13th December. We would love as many of you as can to come along and sing for the old…..should I just say ‘older’ …..people who really enjoy us going there. In fact they enjoy it so much that we started a programme of a small group singing there with them once a fortnight……and then Covid got in the way. The animatrice there is very keen that we start that up again in the new year and we have every intention of trying to.

Christmas Party. Following singing at Arc-en-Ciel we will have a Christmas Party in the Salle de Fetes at 19.00h….the time usually reserved for repetitions. Everyone can come with partners, a festive plate to share with everyone, whatever you would like to drink and your ‘couverts’. Oh yes, and very importantly, your Christmas folder of songs……we will be playing a little game with Anke ending with a presentation to her……shush! She doesn’t know that!

Repetitions will resume on the 10th January at the usual time in the usual place. birthday conc
Please be one of the usual people!!

Deep breaths now because this becomes really exciting!

On 2nd April we have L’Ostal in Lavercantiere booked for as apero concert.
We have never done this before! This will be a ticket event and is a fund raiser for us so we will want you to sell tickets. In return people will get some delicious nibbles, can buy beer or wine at astonishingly cheap prices and they will hear us sing some well known songs in English, French and Dutch. They will be provided with words so that they can join in many of them with us. How can this evening be anything other than fun and a success…..as well as swell our coffers. Be part of it!

Not more excitement I hear you cry. Yes, two more even more thrilling events.

L’Arsenic in Gindou is booked for 11th June for a concert. This is a more formal setting and will be a more formal concert, a chance for us to show off our skill as a chorale in a theatre. We did this for the first time over 2 years ago and everyone who took part really enjoyed the experience. Not only that, the event was so popular that people had to be turned away because the theatre was full.

Lastly…..for the moment…..the following week on a day not fully decided but let you pen hover over the week 12th-19th June…..there will be a birthday concert in the Salle de Fetes in Cazals at which we will sing some less formal songs, some sing-a-long songs and also have a few hand-picked solos…..a different tone altogether to the more formal concert in Gindou.

Whose birthday is it? Well it is the Chorale’s. 10 years old……and YES, there will be cake!

You must be nearing the point of exhaustion now with all these exciting events in your future life.
Make sure you are a part of it…..singing gives us all so much pleasure and right now there is a lot to sing about!

Merry Christmas and very best wishes to you all.

Judi Harding