Dearly Beloved Choristes!

Some exciting news!!

Two things!!!

Monday 22nd May

1. We are being videoed and having our photos taken on Monday night.  Singing! In costume!  And this will go on the new soon-to-be updated website. I am sure you will not want to be the one person not in costume preserved for years on the website… as a little reminder here is what you need to wear:

             White trousers (not shorts) or skirt……that is real white, not just pale or beige or cream

             Colourful top in either red, yellow, orange, pink or purple, or a wonderful mixture of all of those …..but not blue or green.

             A big smile! 
2. After the concert repetitions will stop for the season, but we are inviting you all to an end-of-season ‘do’ on the Monday directly after…..that is June 13th at the normal time of 19.00h.  We have beer and wine left from the Non-Apero evening (I don’t want to talk about that…’s too sad) but you could all bring a plate of some thing to share with everyone and bring a partner, spouse or just good friend if you want to.  We will have a short meeting at this event to discuss what we expect from our choir next year and your Bureau has thought up some wizard ideas to propose to you.  We really value your opinions……this is your choir and what you think matters to us. We value the opinion of your partners at this too……they are are audience after all and if they don’t like what we do that’s rather sad.

Please take note of these two events and see as many of you as possible next Monday beautifully and colourfully clad.

Judi Harding