Dear Choir

I was very touched and thankful for the concert event on Thursday. It has done me a power of good and I have to say I am now ready to come back and join you all again. I have finally started to feel much better and in control of all my health problems and the very lovely time you gave me on Thursday plus your appreciation of the existence of the choir sealed the deal.

Thank you particularly to Judi, her committee,Anke and all of you for doing your best to ensure the choir survived the Pandemic. Singing together is a wonderful feeling of friendship, joy and achievement when we perform to our audience. When you see the enjoyment in the eyes of your audience it gives you back so much reward and confirmation of their approval and appreciation for your hard work through the year.

I am looking forward to enjoying it with you all again as soon as possible.

Jean Loader.
PS Dream a little Dream is on the wall.