Concert tickets.

We are using Assoconnect a free online service for Associations based in France..

You can buy tickets online or Reserve your ticket(s) and pay at the door.

How to book or reserve your tickets

it looks complicated but it only takes about 2 – 4 mins .

  1. Go to
  2. Click on « je participe !
  3. The booking form will open.
  4. First ticket,
    Prenom, Nom and « Adresse email pour confirmation*
  5. if you need one or more tickets?
    Click « Ajouter un autre inscri » for each additional guest then
  6. Click « Continuer »
  7. Enter : email / add phone number(s) / address
    (fyi: use the registered address of the credit card, this is used later when validating the card.)
  8. Click « Continuer »
  9. The « Panier » is displayed, (image below)
  10. Click (Payer x.xx € )
  11. Checkout page (image below)
    this has 4 options, card / cash / cheque / autre
    1. If you choose to pay online, 0% card fees are added at the checkout
    2. if you prefer to pay at the door : select: cash / cheque /autre (cards will be accepted)
  12. You will receive an receipt email (see image below)
    1. the email has the booking reference?
    2. The amount paid or due.
    3. You can also download your e-tickets. (optional – image below).
  13. Bring a digital or printed copy of the email or e-ticket(s) to the concert.

FYI There will be an attendance list at the check-in desk with 218 printed tickets.

  • Guest name :
  • Booking Email and phone number :
  • Booking reference:
  • Ticket Number :
  • Payment info : (Amount paid or due.)