Annual General Meeting

20th September 2021, Salle de Fetes, Cazals, 19.00h

Well, we made it!!  Two repetitions already and weren’t they great?  Wasn’t it good to see some familiar faces, even behind the masks and meet some new singing chums.  ‘So why on earth….’ I hear you cry…..’is she already messing us up with no singing and a boring meeting instead?’  Well first of all we hope it won’t be boring!  It is important, nay, necessary for every Association to have an AGM with the stress on the first word…..’Annual’. Because of the p…thing we didn’t have one last year (cue wrist slapping) so this one is merely a year late.  Secondly, Anke herself is away in the Netherlands that week so there would be unlikely to be a repetition anyway.  So we invite you, no beseech you, to come to the AGM instead and even possibly stand for the Conseil to help us really get back on our feet.  Meeting are not onerous but are fun and sociable with apperos forming an essential part. For the truly ambitious there are even a couple of Bureau positions up for grabs namely that of ‘Publicity’ which is an exciting brush with the wacky world of Show Business, and ‘Health,  Membership and Assistant Treasurer’ which is a chance to keep everyone safe and earn the grovelling gratitude of all members. Imagine how good either of these posts could make you feel and this feeling could be yours by a simple raising of the hand at the AGM. 

Here is the programme:

If you would like a copy of the 2019 AGM Minutes,
Please download a copy from the Association Documents Page

Agenda 2021

1.  Welcome and Introduction

2. Present

3. Apologies for Absence

4. President’s Report 2019/2021

5. Treasurer’s Report 2019/2021

6. Election of New Conseil Members

7. Any Other Business.