AGM Minutes 2021 as a preparation for the AGM next week, including a nice surprise !!


Dear choristes, hope to see you all next week for talking about the near future of our Chorale. Ańd we have a special surprise for you: you will find out Monday next week….

The AGM Minutes of last year, 2021, as a preparation for the AGM next week:


Association les Amis de La Chorale de Cazals
AGM 7 p.m. 20th September 2021 at the Salle de Fetes Cazals

Welcome:- Judi Harding, the current President welcomed all present to a much delayed AGM and thanked them for their continuing support for the Chorale.

Present:– Maggi Walker, Ralph Robbins, Jean Loader, Anne Kearns, Egbert Brunnekreef, Jos Van Winden, Judi Harding , Annick Hennequin, Anske Valentin, Pascal Pichoutou, Pam Cummings, Sue Giles, Pippa Maytham, Sophie Latappy, Anne- Marie Bourgeois, Martine Lamy, Ida Mevissen, Marie Denise Prevot, Frieda Van De Niewenhuisen, Tanja Van De Ven, Pierre Hahusseau, Anne Delmar, Terry Delmar, Roger Harding, plus 2 indecipherable names.

Apologies:– Hanneke Sprong, Anne Stirling, Kevin and Bridget Megarry, Averil Macmanus, Sarah Stonham, Josephine ??, Big Al??

Minutes of the AGM 14th October 2019:- Agreed as a true record.

Presidents Report 2019-2021(Given in English and French)

It all started so well…

In the first month that I was President the most difficult and challenging thing I had to do was find out where Jos lives. That’s because Jean and her bureau had left everything so beautifully organised – and I thank you for that Jean.
Two months in and we had a Christmas concert in the church at Cazals – and it was great! We had a Christmas party and it was fun! We sang at the care home Arc-en-Ciel and it felt good!ï In fact it felt so good that we asked them if they would like us to sing regularly with some of the inmates. And we did. We were even ambitious enough to think some of them might sing with us in the summer concert.

Confidently Roj and I went on holiday to Portugal for the month of February. We had a great

apartment with an enormous television – but all the news was in Portuguese – and mine isn’t very good.We saw footage of China and later we saw footage of Spain but we never thought for a moment that this would concern us!! At the first repetition back for us Anke announced we would not be shaking hands or kissing….just elbow nudges.THAT WAS THE LAST REPETITION UNTIL TWO WEEKS AGO!

At the beginning of lockdown we were all shell-shocked and NOTHING happened. Then Anke and Terry started to make noises about something called Zoom. Once the first lockdown ended the Bureau met two or three times, outside in the garden and ‘dreamed a little dream’ about going back in September…..or Christmas at the very latest.When it became obvious that even Christmas was just that…..a little dream…Zoom came into play – turns out you CAN teach an old dog new tricks and several of us oldies learned it! By Christmas we went Global and had a Zoom Singalong Christmas Extravaganza selling tickets around the world! Amazing! But that was the only ‘globaling’ any of us could do, and for most of us ‘technological meetings’ with friends and families was all we could manage. My husband had a map of the world which he stuck up with fridge magnets. ‘Throw a dart’ he said ‘and wherever it lands I’ll take you there when the pandemic ends’ Turns out we are

spending two weeks behind the fridge. Zoom continued and the Bureau met several times on SKype – address ‘Singing Bureau’ and eventually, with hope-filled hearts we thought that perhaps, maybe, we might just , tentatively plan for a musical garden party in July…..and beyond…..who knew. And so it came to pass that on July 9th therewas a musical garden party in Mimi and JD’s

magnificent garden – many thanks to them. The sun shone, the Zoomies sang, we wore masks but smiled behind them and for the first time we believed our Chorale life would resume. And it has,

for lo and behold, here we are!
Throughout the last months and months this bureau have been magnificent, supportive, caring and are now, as far as I am concerned, among my best friends.ï¿1⁄2 Anke has been tireless, endlessly

coming up with new things, new arrangements, new ideas, new technology. My darling husband has been, well, just a darling – hands on, reading everything I have written before it went out, making space in our lives for me to be able to do things and plying the Bureau with drinks, My heartfelt thanks go out to them all – and to you dearly beloved Chorale . Your patience, your kind words and just knowing you were still there have made all the difference……really.

Treasurer’s Report

So where does all the monies come from and go to.

If you would like a copy of the bilans you can obtain these on the members website On the Association documents page.
And if what to see the “full accounts”. I can provide these on request.

Basic question is how did we do over the pass two years. In the year 2019-20 the association had a turnover of the association made a profit. In the year 2020-21 the association had a turnover of made a loss.

Financial planning for the 2021 2022 season

Based on the previous years our expenses will be approx.

I have set this years fees at 180 €
to break even so we would need 47 choristers

It looking like we will have 28 fully paid up members. The association reserve needs to be maintained at 8500 €

In summary we have income shortfall of approximately 4000- 4500 €

Basically we will have to run several events to break even examples A concert in the Arsenic would raise approx 1100 € Xmas concert in Cazals (hat) after expenses is approx 100 €

In response to questions about other fundraising opportunties suggestions included extra concerts, returning to the Salle de Fetes to hold concerts which would be cheaper, an Apero evening/concert at L’Ostal, Lavercantiere, Sophie has designed Chritmas cards as a fundraiser, any other suggestions will be gratefully received. Decisions about concert venues and other fundraising ideas will be considered and decided by the new Conseil.

Pascal asked about the subvention received form the Commune. In 2020 we received $00 euros, in 2021 nothing.
The Finance Report was unanimously accepted as a true record. 
Pascal asked about the subvention received form the Commune. In 2020 we received $500 euros, in 2021 nothing.

Election of New Conseil Members. Judi explained that new Conseil members were needed to conform with our statutes and ensure the continuation of the Choir. The Conseil meets periodically. Currently there are 11 members of the Conseil but we need more. Several members are resigning. At the moment there are 5 current members of the Bureau. Various roles within the Bureau and Conseil need to be filled including a new Publicity Officer, a Health and Safety officer/Vice Treasurer, and a New Member Support Officer.

The following people were nominated for election:

Martine Lamy, Sophie Latappy, Pippa Maytham, Egbert Brunnekreef, Maggi Walker. Their election was agreed unanimously.The remaining members of the conseil are:- Judi Harding, Roger Harding, Jos Van Winden Terry Delmar, Sue Giles, Pam Cummings, Hanneke Sprong, Annick Hennequin, Pierre Hahusseau.

The new Bureau would be elected by the new Conseil in the short meeting to follow.A.O.B.A further discussion took place re venues and timings for concerts next year and Egbert pointed out that we usually receive a subvention which helps the expenses involved in concert running costs.

A vote of thanks was given for Ralph who is retiring as Publicity Officer. The meeting wished him well in his new home.

The meeting Closed at 20.10. and was immediately followed by a meeting of the new Conseil.