Access to the Music : Update

Hello girls, oh yes, let’s not forget the boys.

Update on member accounts and access to music files.

So, where are we?
Most members have signed up for an account.
Talk to Egbert or Sophie if you are worried about the process.

Anke and I have set a date when the existing BOX links will no longer work: 20 March 2023.
From that date on, the ONLY method of accessing music files will be via the website, a member will have to log in, the login menu will have new options where you can access the music.

Concert Repertoire. ( & This is a reason to join.)
Anke is creating new MP3 files for 4 or 5 new songs for the summer concert,
These will be added to the website when their ready, again only available via a member account.

The BOX : Concert Repertoire page (updated 28/3/23
(only visible for registered members)
Here you will find all the songs,
I have added instruction on how to download the files. (three options/methods).
However, you will not be able to copy and save the new BOX link.
Why not? This link is not secure and could allow non-members to access Anke’s lessons and sheet music, both of which are paid for by your dues.

Techie note : if anyone were to obtain the box link, they will not be able to use it as it’s locked to the Members Chorales website domain name. (

The CdC Repertoire page.
(only visible to logged in members)
I apologise that it’s not finished yet ? there are still a long list of songs to add,
I just need to get on with it and DO it.
BUT ….If the New BOX page works well, there’s no real need to have the CDC Repertoire page and one less thing for me to keep updated.