A recording, so you can hear each other DON »T PUBLISH THIS YET

TERRY DONT PUBISH THIS My dear rossignols,
A small extra piece of homework for you – for ALL of the choir, really!
I gave you ‘Freue dich des Lebens’ a few weeks ago. It is a simple and beautiful round (canon), and of course it sounds best when we all hear each other.


Why don’t you record yourself on your phone when singing it? And I will make a mix out of all your voices. This is how it works:

  • Find the mp3 of ‘Freue dich des Lebens’.
  • Put on your headphones/ear phones. If you don’t have those, turn the sound down until you can just hear it and sing along.
  • Press the record button of your phone.
  • Start the mp3 and sing along as merrily as you can.
  • Now send the recording to anke@ankevocal.com.
  • Even if you think you don’t sound well (or even terrible!) I guarantee you: you will not hear yourself back like that in the mix. It will be a choir that you will hear.